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Rili Appointments (beta)

A mobile app which can be used to schedule time with your phone contacts.

Book Appointments

Simple & Fast. 3 touches and done.

Configure your schedule

It has never been simpler

View appointments

Instant confirmations

Delete Appointments

The way you are used to on iOS and Android

Push notifications

Immediate alerts on appointments


For your upcoming appointments. Currently only on iOS

Configuring your appointment schedule

It has never been easier to configure your schedule. Just enter where you want to meet, what days and time. And its done.

For power users you can add upto three shifts and multiple locations. You can configure your staff or even your resources. You can put your conference rooms and treadmills up for booking. There are endless possibilities. We would love to hear how you are using it.


Viewing appointments and other features

A separate tab to view your appointments in chronological order.

  • Set your holidays with a single touch
  • Configure the duration of your appointments
  • Turn on/off reminders
  • Notifications for appointments

Do you like it? we would love to hear from you.

Why Rili

Rili is the only universal appointment booking tool. A tool which could be used by everyone without barriers. That's why rili is free. A tool which could be used by professionals to manage their time or could be used by friends to book each others time. Think WhatsApp for booking time.

The process of getting someone's time is more complex than we realise. The interaction could leave one side feeling belittled or not valued enough. Phone calls could be unanswered or could be intrusive. Text is not quick enough and still suffers from the struggles above. Rili is the solution for us.

We are still in development and have lined up a bunch of amazing features to help you make time easy. These features will make you love your phone even more. We would love to hear from you on what you think.

View availability

Ability to view if a phone contact is free or busy at a particular time..

Book appointments

Ability to book an appointment with a phone contact easily and faster.

Publish your appointments

Ability to configure and publish own appointments, so others can book.


In our endeavour to have a universal appointments platform.

Rili Appointments

Now Available For Download

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